This Friday, the Apple Watch will be officially launched. A first scratch test, the sports version of Apple’s SmartWatch provides a surprising result, which could change the purchasing decisions of many customers.

Apple Watch Sport: Ion-X glass in the scratch test
The question that will face many customers, whether one is prudent to pick up the robust sapphire glass instead of the ion-X glass. Who is the cheapest variant of the SmartWatch buys to get only one ion-X glass. Who the Apple and Apple Watch Watch Edition purchases, however, can be happy about the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. But the huge price difference is worth in terms of display glass?

For such questions, just a scratch test helps. This has the Youtuber Unbox Therapy unceremoniously carried out and published in moving pictures. The result is surprising. While with sharp objects that display first comes without scratching of the result with sandpaper is downright terrifying.

Apple indicates that the display of the Apple Watch Sport lightweight and durable Ion-X consists of glass. The lightweight aluminum silicate glass to protect the screen underneath. It also states that the glass is highly resistant to scratches and bumps.

Of course no sane customer will treat his Apple Watch with sandpaper. However, the test shows that during a fall on the tarmac SmartWatch can possibly be hurt. In case of contact with smaller grains of sand so scratches could arise.

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