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Polished stainless steel is susceptible to scratching. This fact applies not least for said variant of Apple Watch. After a few hours of use, show first “battle tracks”. A new scandal #ScratchGate reloaded?

It was only a matter of time, but it seems the Apple Watch experienced their first XXXGate scandal. Well, they can not be bent well, however, the stainless steel version but is quite susceptible to scratches. Even without major intervention show up shortly after commissioning the first small scratches – Various case studies confirm this (via 9to5Mac). Owner of the classic iPods with stainless steel back are likely to recognize this behavior yet. Apple used for the casing of the Apple Watch unlike the Sport version (aluminum) and Edition (Gold) stainless and polished stainless steel of the type “316L”. Especially “waxed” not the hardest material, slight scratches on the surface can easily occur.

Alternatively, Apple could also use stainless steel of the type “904L” – probably a bit harder, but also more expensive. Watch experts attest this material but also no absolute “scratch security”, the use of “904L” applies in some places even as a pure marketing measure.

Apple Watch ScratchGate: polish helps

The Apple Watch Sport is even more robust so far. Author Dom Esposito from portal 9to5Mac can confirm this. This was due to the “harder” 7000 series aluminum, and not least the matt surface. A solution for “ScratchGgate” it delivers the same with: The prudent use of metal polish. Only permanently not recommended. If at the end as it may be necessary initially Bumper and Cover for Apple Watch? Stylistically even a cruel idea.

Avoiding these can be one way or not – not only at Apple. Other (Watches) manufacturers and their customers have to live with this fact for years. For this reason, the new “Scratch gate” is not a real scandal, just pure physics and materials.

For Apple, it is not there first “scratch Gate”. In 2012 dissolved in the black version of the iPhone 5, the coating. The including Legend, bare aluminum appeared. In response, Apple introduced this variant the iPhone 5s later, then a new Space Grey color was introduced instead.

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