Apple watch


Cnet tested the Apple Watch against different situations that can take place in a kitchen to destruct your device. A tradition that precedes any launch of a new product from Apple is definitely the endurance test.

Cnet has been one of the first to publish an endurance test of Apple Watch, but rather I would call “test of destruction” because it is quite clear from a first moment the objective is to destroy the watch. In fact, as you can see in the vide, it happened.

Apple watch

Later you will discover why this is a big lie. Although begin by immersing for 10 minutes in a pot of water with no apparent consequences-that we knew, the test begins to degenerate when attempting to scratch the screen with graters, knives and other utensils.

Then proceeds to cover the Apple Watch with wine, oil, ketchup, mustard and chocolate cream. After properly cleaning the tap, the device seems to function perfectly without any sign of the above ingredients in the case or band. Next step: immersing the watch in boiling water for a few seconds. In this test, the device turns off after setting the over-temperature warning, although the re-turn continues to operate normally.

Finally, responsible for carrying out the various tortures decide to try their resistance to falls from different heights. Nothing Watch our Apple still holding as a champion without the slightest mark. When it looked like he was about to be saved from destruction, a heavy pot completely breaks the device’s screen. Of course, we are confident that none of these situations will occur to you in a kitchen.

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