Apple watch

Apple watch

This is the important information that Apple has “forgotten” to communicate when he presented yesterday his shows Apple Watch, and it is information which is not specified on the internet site of the firm of Cupertino. How bad is the Apple Watch battery life? A device that needs to be worn along with the iPhone…

Staring at $349, during the Apple event keynote, the only thing mentioned about this issue is that it is really simple to re-charge the battery, thanks to an inductive charger that comes magnetise to the rear. Just slide the charger to the back of the dial, and the charger is magnetically connected to the right place to charge up the watch.

Apple watch chargerHowever, according to Re/code, if Apple says nothing of the battery life, it is because it is very bad. A source confirmed that currently, the Apple Watch would not be able to last more than a day without being charged, which was implicitly confirmed by the firm. A spokesman has indeed responded that Apple was expected of any way that consumers have the reflex to recharge their Apple Watch all the days, as they are doing with the iPhone.

Apple Watch is expected to hit the shelves in early 2015, and in the meantime the company still working on optimizing the system in order to gain a few precious extra hours when it comes to the battery consumption.

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