The launch of the Apple Watch is indeed only on April 24 and pre-order is on April 10, but there are some people that might want to try the SmartWatch now, it can done with an augmented reality app.

On April 10, the advance sale of Apple Watch in Germany starts. From this point it can be examined and tried in the Apple Stores. If you want, but you can virtually strap around the wrist is already.

The Belgian developer of have a free augmented reality app available for download, with which you can project the Apple Watch Sports with the corresponding sport strips attached to the wrist.

The Underside app can be found in the App Store, you must download it from a QR Code. Here’s how to try the Apple Watch now (it is the model 42 mm):

  • Download the PDF below
  • Print it out and cut the Apple Watch scheme
  • Scan the QR code with the iPhone application QR Reader to install the application of augmented reality (it is important to use QR Reader, the installation did not work with other code readers)
  • Place the pattern on your wrist and point it to the app just installed ARWatch


The app is not ARWatch App Store, but must be manually installed by developers link. There is an AR-Badge as a PDF, which can print, cut out and must then stick as flat as possible on the wrist (with double sided tape or scotch). The size of the badge is also changing the size of the virtual Apple Watch. Accordingly, care must be taken to print the PDF file to 100 percent.

Then open the app and keep the camera on the badge. If the Apple Watch not immediately displayed, push the hand accomplish something different.


Between the different colors of the Sport Bands can change it by simply tapping on the screen of the iPhone. You can also scan the QR code and get so simple app to be the ARWatch iOS device.

Download links:

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