Apple Watch ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra has a new design compared to the previous models. The new model is made out of titanium, similar to the Apple Watch Edition from previous years. But it’s not just the material that differs from the regular Apple Watch. The Digital Crown and the side button are combined in a separate block on the side, which should provide extra protection. In addition, the slots of the Digital Crown are a lot larger, making it easier to operate.

What also this watch striking is the flat screen design that lies more on top of the housing, instead of the housing running smoothly into the screen as with the other models, and 36 hours of battery life, up to 60 hours battery. And speaking of the housing, it is rounded just like the other models, so the Apple Watch Ultra has no flat sides.

Apple Watch Ultra features

The Apple Watch Ultra has all the functions that you also know from previous models. Think of the ECG sensor, the blood saturation monitor, the heart rate monitor, and fall detection. The Apple Watch Ultra also gets a sensor that can measure your body temperature.

But the Apple Watch Ultra also gets exclusive features. There is an extra button on the left side. You can program this as you wish, for example, to start a workout or to open your favorite app. This makes operating the Apple Watch easier if, for example, you cannot operate the touchscreen during exercise. In addition, the screen is a lot bigger. This makes measurements during workouts easier to read and more data can be displayed at the same time, without having to scroll. For the larger screen, Apple also comes with exclusive watch faces that show more information.

Price and availability of the Apple Watch Ultra
The Apple Watch Ultra is for sale for $799 and can be ordered on Wednesday, September 7. The first models will be delivered on September 23.

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