Apple watch android wear2 Apple Watch vs. Android Wear. 12 características exclusivas de Apple Watch

Competition with Apple Watch that will be released on April 24 will be important. Its greatest competitor is Google, which also will then have Android Wear in the market. Let’s take a look through twelve features that Apple Watch and lacking the Google model, to explain why Apple will takes upper hand in this battle.

Phone Calls Directly On Apple Watch


llamadas Apple Watch vs. Android Wear. 12 características exclusivas de Apple Watch

Thanks to the speaker and microphone are integrated into Apple Watch, you can enjoy one of the great attractions of this device. Users of Apple’s smart watch can make calls from it as well as receive them. Of course, the obvious requirement is that the Apple Watch must be connected to the iPhone, but so are most of the features of the device.



Sending pictures to other Apple Watch users

If you are one of those who like to send pictures to your contacts and have fun with it, do not worry, we’ll not only not to censor, but we’ll give half to do so. This feature is probably not indispensable for any user but certainly this possibility is their role in communication between devices. It is a point that conveys the importance that Apple has given the clock as social and communication device.

+ Digital touch screen to navigate through the interface



In addition to the touch screen, digital crown provides an added advantage to Apple Watch over your competitors. This crown, which is used in traditional clocks to set the time, Apple Watch used to scroll or zoom, similar to the use that is given to a click wheel iPod manner. It is one of the salient features of the watch.

Share your heartbeat with other Apple Watch users


This feature is like that of the drawings. It is not something that is indispensable for any user in deciding between the two, but it’s another one of those special touches that make Apple devices and set them apart from their competition.

Wifi Connectivity


The wifi connectivity is something that is taken for granted, today, in any technological device, but if Apple Watch is another of its salient features. This is because, unlike its competitors, Apple Watch is the only device that can connect to the phone through the same wifi network. While others are connected only by Bluetooth, Apple goes further.

Send vibration to other Apple Watch users 


This feature is “non-essential”. In fact, I would say it can be an intriguing feature. It is similar to the touches of Facebook, but your clock and through vibrations. For example: How to tell the person who is waiting for you that you have already reached your car to pick? Yes, as you thought: sending a vibration at his watch.

Customize Apple Watch Display


Android Wear screen can be changed relatively easily, but Apple Watch, can modify and add various information (time, timer, dates …) and give further impetus to the screen. For once it seems that Apple has surpassed Android in regards to customization.

Payment via NFC


Pay Apple is about to land on our devices and through the watch can make payments in stores with just the device to the receiver.

Force Touch


Apple has implemented in its clock sensor detecting the degree of pressure we put on the screen with your finger. This allows with different degrees of pressure can perform different actions. It’s the same sensor that is included in the new MacBook trackpad twelve inch Retina recently introduced and presumably be integrated into every new product that Apple this from now.

Send Animated emoticons and replies


The emoticons are an essential part of social communication today. If you want to send a response quickly when you receive a message, you can do so using this feature.

Open hotel room using the Apple watch


Apple has implemented the world NFC probably too late, but is doing much for lost time. With Apple Watch also presents the virtual keys. Zoom the clock to the door of your hotel room and this is opened. It is no longer imagination but reality.

Audio messages


Watch Apple users can send audio clips just make a few taps on the screen. This is one of the most useful features of the new Apple clock.

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