Apple Watch manufacturing issues are a real headache for Apple. Reserve estimates suggest that the units pre-orders reach 2.3 million units , despite statements by Apple, continue unabated.

Angela Ahrendts, vice president of Apple stores, just send an email to employees of Apple Stores in reporting that no physical availability of Apple Watch in store for users to purchase directly through the month of June. The intention of ending queues Ahredts Angela seems to begin dosing device number available at the Apple Store.


Apple Stores employees will help potential buyers to configure the device and synchronize it with the iPhone in addition to showing the different combinations of belts and models to see which one we like best, although most users because of the price difference between the model of aluminum and steel, perfectly know the model by which van. But until that happens, we will have to wait until the device reaches the physical stores, with expected arrival in June in the countries selected for the first batch date.[via TheTelegraph]

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