The closer it becomes start selling Apple Watch, the more details we learn about the device. If you are one of those people who think the battery life of smart watch their main drawback, you should learn about the energy saving mode, the added Apple’s new product.

At the moment, we can say that Apple has completed work on Apple Watch and moved to the stage of product promotion. The company launched an active advertising campaign, which affects the fashion industry. Never tire of talking about the merits of smart watches and heads Apple. Nevertheless, the process of creating the device proved to be quite difficult.

At some stage, Apple had to give up a few sensors and actuators, because modest battery smart watch would not survive a day of work in the active mode. However, this lesson has benefited engineers who have added Apple Watch, a previously unknown feature. It is about the power saving mode.

Since the project started, Apple Watch battery had one of the critical points in its development. During its inception, engineers and designers apple company were considering the possibility of using solar energy recharging method.
This system would have provided greater autonomy but I doubt you would be able to offset the consumption of a display and a chip like the present. Out for whatever reason, Apple ended up preferring the induction charger we know, which uses a magnetic system that attaches to the back of the watch without connectors.

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