Apple Watch withstands 1,200m swim workout



Like many other devices, the Apple Watch, joined fashion to pass various endurance tests such how to drop to the ground from a height or even be hit with a frying pan. But one of the most repeated is certainly evidence of water resistance.

And is that even though the specifications clock their ability to resist water appears, however recommend not to submerge. But Ray Maker, an American blogger wanted to submit to Apple Watch various evidence that the clock of Cupertino supports better water than the manufacturer says.

Among the tests, Ray has been immersed in a pool, has swum with the watch several long and even been thrown from an Olympic trampoline.

In the first one, the famous blogger has simply been submerged in a pool without any type of activity, submitting to Apple Watch the pressure of the water, but without exerting any force on it.
In the next, Ray is ready to swim several long, making a distance of about 1,200 meters in the Apple Watch besides being subjected to the pressure of the water, so has the force holding the arm on the water and turn the clock when swimming for several minutes.

But not satisfied with all this, finally, the blogger was throwing twice since an Olympic trampoline located 5 meters high, and more from twice the height, which is 10 meters, subjecting the Apple Watch 3 strong impact from really considerable heights against water.

It seems that tests water resistance Watch show that Apple is certainly a completely waterproof watch, but according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, which advised not soak for a long time and depths less than one meter, each is responsible for its use.

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