If there is an application that makes sense in the Apple Watch, it is certainly the Workflow app. I have to admit I’m not a big fan of applications such as Workflow on my iOS devices since the end for one reason or another I always end up doing the same action manually. However, there are users who take great advantage of this type of application, those who really know how to set them in such a way that allows them to earn valuable minutes at the end of the day.

The functions of this application are so wide and varied that it would take an entire full post to explain, but basically allowing us to automate the functions we perform daily basis so we can put up with a simple touch.

Now, with Workflow app version 1.2 for the Apple Watch,  users can view and download smartwatch over 200 automated tasks specifically designed for the device is included. For example, we may send emails, read articles, request a car from Uber, record audio, create reminders, get the path toward home, tweeting a picture, and hundreds of other things.


As you can see, the interface is based on a series of small cards in bright colors so that we can clearly distinguish the different things we can do. Through it we slide using the Digital Corona and if we want to download new shares, sliding to the right will access the Workflow Gallery where you will find hundreds of them.

With the Workflow Gallery you can download hundreds of new shares from the Apple Watch
Importantly, any action we believe in our iPhone will automatically transfer to Apple Watch, for they are all fully compatible with the smartwatch, except for those who want to open another application. Finally, we may also use Handoff to transfer information Watch the iPhone on those actions that can not run on the clock.

To celebrate the release of version 1.2 and compatible with Apple Watch, the application currently has a 40% off the regular price of $4.99, will come down to $2.99. It is certainly an interesting option if you are interested in purchasing the device later.

Download Workflow for iOS on the App Store

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