Apple watchOS 5 Released: Here What Is New


Apple watchOS 5 has been released, the new major update available for Apple Watch that significantly improves the performance of the device.


watchOS 5 requires iPhone 5s or later with iOS 12 or later, and one of the following Apple Watch models:

  • Apple Watch Series 1
  • Apple Watch Series 2
  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series 4

watchOS 5 is therefore not compatible with Apple Watch of the first generation.

How to install Apple watchOS 5

Here are the simple steps to install watchOS 5:

On your iPhone, open the Watch app, then tap the Apple Watch panel.
Tap General> Software Update.
Download the update. If you are asked for the iPhone or Apple Watch code, enter it.
Wait for the progress wheel to appear on the Apple Watch.

Activities and training

As for Activities, watchOS 5 allows users to invite other Apple Watch users to participate in seven-day Activity Challenges, earning points when they close Activity rings and receiving notifications to avoid losing motivation and getting to victory.

Apple watchOS 5 includes automatic training detection for starting and stopping workouts. This function provides an alert to start the correct workout and assigns a retroactive credit. In addition, it also sends a reminder to end the training sessions after a period of inactivity if the user forgets.


Among the new features available,  we have Yoga and Hiking. Regarding the race, the new Rolling Last Mile measurement shows the pace taken in the last mile just run, with a new cadence measurement (steps per minute) for runs and outdoor and indoor walks, and a new alarm in racing outdoor that alerts users when the pace is lower or higher than the value they have targeted.


Walkie-Talkie allows you to quickly communicate by voice with other Apple Watch users around the world. It is therefore a quick and easy way to get in touch on the fly with friends and family: the connection from clock to watch is fast, personal and can be activated between anyone who wears a compatible Apple Watch in the world, via Wi-Fi or cellular network.

Apple Podcast app

With watchOS 5, users can listen to their favorite podcasts anywhere with Apple Podcast on Apple Watch and play catalog podcasts using Siri. The episodes will automatically sync to Apple Watch, and when they are listened to on other devices the app will automatically update itself with the most recent episode. A new feature for developers allows you to sync Apple Watch music, audiobooks and meditation sessions from apps like Pandora, Audible and 10% Happier to be able to play offline even when the user’s iPhone is not nearby.

Siri updates

The Siri quadrant now offers more predictive and proactive shortcuts during the day, such as travel times provided by Maps.

Using machine learning, Siri’s updated watch face on Apple Watch becomes an even better personal assistant. Now, during the day, offers more predictive and proactive shortcuts based on habits, places and information such as heartbeat after a workout, travel times provided by Maps at the time when the user leaves the office to go home or the sports results of a favorite team. The Siri quadrant will also show interactive content from other user’s favorite apps, such as Nike + Run Club, Glow Baby and Mobike.

Improved notifications

App notifications from other developers can now have interactive controls and can be used without having to open the app.

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