Apple: We don’t use Provider IQ in iOS 5


"Adware on the iPhone!" Was once the interpretation of some media on the invention of Carrier IQ tracks in Apple's iOS . The normally taciturn Apple, however, was quick to respond : In a statement they indicate that they indeed have used the diagnostic software of Carrier IQ. But they have stopped since iOS 5 and will remove any remaining fully in a future soft
ware update. 
Apple also denied that she personally identifiable information collected through software. On some mobile platforms was being so used. Moreover, Apple says that the Carrier IQ features are disabled by default on the devices.


Apple said literally:

We have stopped supporting Carrier IQ iOS 5 in most of our products and will completely remove in a future software update. As with all diagnostic data that is sent to Apple, customers must actively choose to opt-in information sharing. If they do, then the data in an encrypted form and send anonymous and contains no personal information. We do not make keystroke logging or other personal information for the diagnostic data and we have no plans to ever do so.

 Apple responded quickly to another "shocking" accusation: Apple could pro-life , because Siri you refuse to help find an abortion clinic . Users noted that Apple can bring you in contact with a prostitute or massage parlor, but not in an unwanted pregnancy can help. Some Americans already believed to have discovered a conspiracy: Apple tried to proclaim a moral message. But it turns out bad. In a statement puts Apple spokesman Natalie Kerris out that the absence of malice. Siri is still in beta phase and still missing some data. Organizations such as Think Progress talks about "m
isleading answers to pressing health questions" in stark contrast to the results you get when you are looking for an escort service.


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