Apple website relies on responsive web design with server-side support



Besides the great and long-awaited presentation to the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch, there was Web Developer for yet another important piece of news:

Apple optimized its Web the first time completely for mobile devices. So far was also delivered on smartphones & Co the desktop page. Apple emphasized so well that iPhones get along well with desktop websites. Previously, there was Apple’s only individual landing pages that were optimized for mobile devices.

For the current conversion, the company goes beyond pure client-side Responsive web design and also uses server-side components (RESS). The Sever used for this breakpoint is 768 pixels image width, which means that iPads still show the desktop page. If you visit with Apple’s tablet sees therefore the full menu and a two-column design. Smartphone users is offered instead a “burger” menu, shown at Apple with two strokes, and a single-column layout.

With this technology mix of classic breakpoints in combination with server-side delivery, also very visually appealing page for a variety of devices can be optimized. For example, as the use of full-scale retinal images on all devices is also possible.

In detail, some interesting front end features found on the Apple mobile site, read more. Within the next days

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