Apple Will Announce Its Quarter Earnings Results On July 31


Apple earningsApple is preparing to release revenues results for Q3 2018 by the end of the month. The date chosen by Company for this communication was set for July 31, which was already predicted by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg. As always there is so much anticipation in front of the usual communication of Apple, which shows no sign of giving way to the competition and continues to grind repeat sales records.

In fact, we remember the excellent previous quarter, which saw the company totaling a total of 13.8 billion in profits against a turnover of a good $61.1 billion. The third quarter will obviously face a decline in turnover compared to the previous year, but we still expect positive results that analysts expect in this way:

  • Revenue: between $51.5 billion and $53.5 billion
  • Gross margin: between 38% and 38.5%
  • Operating expenses: between $7.7 billion and $7.8 billion
  • Other income and expense: about $400 million
  • Tax rate: approximately 14.5%

To understand the state of growth of the company that is projected now towards a very important period that will see as always the release of the new iPhones 2018 during the Fall.

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