Apple will not integrate LTE Modem in the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2


apple lte logos

Apple, as you know, their own designs microprocessors for its smartphones and tablets. But unlike NVIDIA, Qualcomm and MediaTek company develops its SoC without integrated LTE- modules. Thus, in the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c for connecting to 4G networks responsible modem Qualcomm MDM9615M. According to Fudzilla, manufacturer of the iPhone and iPad is not going to continue to follow the example of competitors.

Smartphones and tablets Apple next generation will rely on LTE- ins from third-party suppliers, insiders say . Apple is more interested in the development of a 64-bit processor architecture and increased processing power of a microchip , rather than integration module for fourth generation networks into their SoC. The Apple A8 processor, which will be used in the iPhone 6 and iPad Air, still will not be LTE- modem.

Competitors for Apple in this market will perform a 64- bit platform with NVIDIA Tegra K1 core Snapdragon Denver and 805 with GPU Adreno 420. The first does not have the built-in modem , but it is at the other processor NVIDIA – Tegra 4i. MediaTek recently announced a mobile 8-core chip with LTE. Intel microchips endow their support for 4G in 2015.

Samsung has decided to go through Apple – processors for the Korean manufacturer ‘s flagship smartphone involve LTE- ins Qualcomm.

In the end it was reported that Apple has already signed a contract with suppliers for the production of processors for the iPhone and iPad next generation. Production of chips for Apple A8 will be responsible of Amkor Technology, STATS ChipPAC and Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE).

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