In one of last year’s interview with Tim Cook called the iPhone «key» to the sales of all other devices Apple. This easily explains why smartphones are the most profitable product company, and why their sales are so important. According to 9to5Mac, Apple is ready to go to a completely unexpected move to further increase sales of iPhone.
We are talking about the program Trade-In. It is, recall, is that the owner of an old smartphone comes into the store and at a certain surcharge may exchange it for a new one.

In fact, it is common practice, but before Apple offered to exchange the old iPhone to a new, and not on the most favorable terms. Now in Cupertino ready to take the next step: to exchange smartphones competitors on the iPhone.

Apple’s competitors are actively using a similar strategy. Samsung, Microsoft, BlackBerry and many other manufacturers are happy to change your Apple device with a small surcharge on their new products. Now this practice and adopt in Cupertino. The program will start in the next few weeks, will be held before the pre-training of Apple Store.

Among the features Trade-In Apple’s worth noting handing customers a gift card in exchange for a smartphone, priced store employees. Using this map, as well as some money, customers can get their hands on the new iPhone. Any details on price and additional conditions are not yet known. Thus, at Apple are hoping to attract to his camp many users Android, which after the iPhone will decide on the purchase and other products apple company.

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