Apple will soon stop the iPad 2 production?


With the advent of three new iPad – possibly on hand in 2 fashions –  will grow to be the iPad 2? Will it function an entry-degree to the Apple cabinets or will he supply strategy to the brand new adaptation? It could appear that the computing device is bowing out in desire of his successor, which raises many questions …

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Today Digitimes says through his sources that Apple would have reduced the demand for iPad 2, while the firm would gradually increase the production of the iPad 3. Digitimes does not get wet a lot, because for some products, the strategy Apple is following this rule: lo
wer production of the previous model and increase that of the new model, offering an entry-level model and a model of miieu and / or premium. The iPhone 3G, iPhone and iPhone 4S 4 do not derogate.

Without shelf, entry-level, it is not clear how Apple would be able to counter the shelves less than 200 euros, as the $ 199 Kindle Fire whose success must for the holidays a little scare Apple. In this case, the iPad 2 would compete directly with products like the Kindle to $ 199 Fire.

Since the Kindle Fire was launched only a few weeks ago and that success was not necessarily predictable, Apple does not have much time to develop a new strategy to adapt to the success of the tablet to Amazon. Apple is going to decide (if not already) to extend the marketing of the iPad 2, the firm will have to prepare an iPad Mini. Response within a few months.


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