The court docket in The Hague has made up our minds that the Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and Samsung Ace Samsung Galaxy in mid-October now not be bought in EuropeApple has thus won the lawsuit, though ultimately for reasons other than expected. Apple placed in the lawsuit mainly focus on the copying of design, design rights, copyrights and slavish imitation. 

Samsung-Galaxy But before the court was not sensitive. Apple wins the case on the basis of only one European patent number EP 2058868 with. Describes scrolling through a picture gallery using finger gestures on a touch screen. The Galaxy Tab may be simply remain on the market. The verdict of the court can be read in an online document.  

Samsung's lawyer Bas Berghuis of Woortman has said that the Samsung S Galaxy Galaxy II and the Samsung Ace simply remain on the market. Samsung will the included app Galaxy (see picture) to adjust, so no violation being created on Apple's patent. The Samsung S Galaxy Galaxy II and Samsung Ace's latest phones, the Samsung S Galaxy has been on the market for months. Moreover, the Gallery app on many more Android phones found.Samsung can quite easily among the ban on selling out of it by changing the software.Retrofitting of manufactured hardware is difficult

The infringement of the patent applies only to devices that run on Android 2.3 Android and not for 3.x devices like the Galaxy Tab. It is a particular flick, with a hidden edge next to a picture is visible, followed by the next picture. Take your finger off, then pops back into view the previous picture. Get a little longer swipe, then the following picture. Samsung can a simple adjustment under Apple's claim true. If they do not, threatening a major impact on the European smartphone market. Samsung is the international distribution of which is through Dutch subsidiaries. Actually, the verdict on September 15, but Judge Brinkman had previously judgmental: "Though undeniably complex, this case is not too complicated for interim relief".


 Commenting on the decision of the court has indicated that the Samsung Samsung Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S II and Ace in the sale remain in the Netherlands.Samsung will the Gallery app, so that it not infringe on the patent Apple. To new instances of the S II and the Samsung Ace will another feather meal Gallery app, which is not in the manner indicated can be scrolled. "The ban has been based on the method of scrolling in the Gallery. If being replaced, there is no reason to maintain the ban on selling, "said Bas Berghuis of Woortman, lawyer of Samsung.


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