Apple may soon introduce a new wireless keyboard with backlighting. Evidence provided by the Apple Online Store in the USA. So, the delivery time has now been changed to one to two weeks, suggesting a possible sale of the unlit Apple keyboard.

Finally, a new wireless Apple keyboard has been discovered in the Czech Apple Store, hindeuteten the keys to a new keyboard with backlighting. On the F5 and F6 an icon to activate the keyboard light was printed. This similarity to the known keys of the MacBooks were found.

Another new feature of the keyboard layout: Instead of the button for ejecting a CD was to see an icon for switching on and off of the connected Macs. Apple has since removed the product photo in the online store.

Now in the USA, the delivery time for the Wireless Keyboard has been extended. Elsewhere, the Apple Wireless Keyboard is always in stock and can be delivered within the specified delivery time to the customer. However, the altered delivery times in American stores could be an indication of a new keyboard model. At least it would be about time. For the current Wireless Keyboard is unchanged for years already and could use some improvements tolerated.

Whether the subsequent delivery times actually point to a new wireless keyboard from Apple, is just speculation at this point. Nevertheless, customers would be grateful for an improved keyboard.

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