We have already reported that an iOS update is imminent likely to find short. So far, Apple is still working on version 8.1.3. Selected retail employees now testing a second build.

On Thursday, retail employees who test the new iOS software, get a second release (12B466). Apple is currently still working on it to fix any bugs in the software writes Macrumors. On the website, the access from devices running iOS 8.1.3 is installed multiply. Only small error would Apple fix with the software. On the surface, there is no innovation.

Developers, however, have no access to the small iOS update; this also applied to iOS 8.1.2. Instead, the first test Apple Store employees also a version of the mobile operating system iOS. Versions of the desktop system OS X Apple distributed for testing purposes for several years to retail employees.

Macrumors believed that Apple as developers, so that can concentrate on iOS 8.2. This version is the manufacturer probably related to the Apple Watch publishing. In the system settings are already pre-release settings for interfacing with Apple’s wristwatch.

A “small number” of Apple employees working in Cupertino already on iOS 9, Macrumors suspects with a focus on their page views with the iOS-8 successor.

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