Apple working on 42-inch and 50-inch TV models


In line with experiences, Apple is busy creating two fashions of the Apple TV, which could be known as iTV. Up to now mentioned display sizes of 32 – and 37-inch , what present ideas on the small facet. The generally newspaper USA Today quotes an anonymous former now Apple employee who says that a 42-inch and 50-inch model is working. The source also confirmed some details that were previously known as Siri operation, support for iOS apps, AirPlay, icloud and iTunes integration.


Earlier today there was the rumor that Apple and Google to offer to the television rights to English football in the Premier League. This rumor came from Daily Mail, a British newspaper specializing in news scandal. According to USA Today, there are ongoing discussions with content providers, but who encountered delays because the parties can not agree.

 To the Apple TV a success would be offered topshows. Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak did have something to say about that, compared to USA Today. "I expect that Apple will make an effort, because I expect the living room the center for family entertainment continues and touches all areas of consumer products that Apple makes all". Earlier, among other things said that the Apple TV just like the iPhone and iPad would work with a special chip , such as the A6 or A7 chip from Apple itself.

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