The iPhone has become a serious gaming platform, but not at the same time the knobs to some traditional games with perfect control. Several accessory makers jumped into this hole by itself a controller, but works at Apple would himself busy with an alternative: according to AnandTech's Anand Lal Shimpi for a while Apple is working internally to a physical controller.


Shimpi's exact source is not quoted further: he claims in his review of the iPad only that he is aware of a project within Apple, working on the controller. He does not know whether this project will ever get beyond the drawing board.

I know of an internal Apple project to bring a physical controller to market, but whether or not it will ever see the light of day remains to be seen.

According Shimpi, a controller of Apple very wisely, given tablets and smartphones increasing the performance of game consoles ahead of us. Shimpi is not alone: ​​Epic Games developer and publisher Electronic Arts asserted in March that the iPhone can compete with game consoles.According to Epic Games here would be needed for a controller.


Among the other iControlpad and Icade controllers make it now possible to use physical buttons on the iPhone to play. Games must, however, are optimized for the use of these controllers. A gamepad Apple would get more attention, allowing developers to customize their games faster.


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