Apple Working on a new HD Audio File Format


Apple is working on a new HD file format for storing audio data. The new format would be an adaptive streaming' technology that would be provided to download or play music on iCloud.The British newspaper The Guardian reported on the basis o
f an anonymous source that Apple has transferd audio file in his studio in London to make them suitable for the new format. 


The file format should the music quality and the corresponding bit rate automatically adjust to the available bandwidth. For example, a user such as during a 3G connection is a relatively low sound quality presented with, while at home via a WiFi connection to a higher quality audio to listen to. Such a technique is also described as' adaptive streaming.

It is unclear whether Apple has a whole new dynamic compression algorithm has been developed, or that it uses a combination of AAC and ALAC , two audio codecs that Apple has long been used to include the provision of music through iTunes. Apple may want to use the new file format for streaming music to offer through its icloud platform.

Apple has long been active for the sound quality of digital music to improve. Thus the company music producers encourage music to deliver 'studio levels – 24bit quality at 96kHz sample rate – instead of CD quality – 44.1 KHz sample rate and 16bit depth – currently as standard is maintained. Within iTunes, Apple already working on a special section for the provision of 'HD audio'.


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