Apple Working on a Ulta-thin 15-inch MacBook?


Between the renewal of the MacBook Pro in February and that of the MacBook Air last week, we thought finally be quiet but it seems that since there is not any new rumor is being spread on the web

According to MacRumors , Apple is currently working on a new laptop with ultra-fine this time a 15-inch screen. Where it gets fun is that it could be added to the range of MacBook Air, or emerge as the next MacBook Pro. Sure, there is enough hair pulling.


For indeed, if this 15-inch ultraportable is real and it replaces the MacBook Pro, then this would mean simply that the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro would be doomed to merge together.Apple might as well not to propose only one laptop available in several distinct models (and simply called "MacBook") and start a new page. Knowing that the firm has already cleared the white MacBook, it would not be so incongruous an idea as that. Finally, we would end up with a catalog with only MacBook "Air" and consumers would probably find it easier to choose their mobile apple.

Whether the new MacBook and MacBook Pro or Air will be presented is unclear. Apple currently sells only 11 and 13 inch version of the Macbook Air, a 15 inch version is not entirely illogical. It is also possible that Apple's current MacBook Pros replaced by new models which are even thinner design. When this new MacBook will be launched is also unclear. 

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro remain well separated but the next MacBook Pro could then build on that offers ultra-portable of the firm. Allowing us to enjoy a MacBook Prothinner , lighter and finally capitalizing on an SSD at the entry level while turning the scanner on the shelf. The whole question of course is whether Apple will manage to fit all the usual components of the MacBook Pro in a shell as compact and thin. Knowing that the last MacBook Air manages to stand up to the old 17-inch MacBook Pro , there is a track to dig.

Given that the MacBook Pro last date of February and the new MacBook Air having just come out, we can at least be sure of one thing: that this MacBook Pro / Air 15-inch will not point the tip of his nose right away. By then, of course, other sounds are bound lane may not be heard.As always with Apple news. The big question that we can still ask, finally, is whether professionals accept the idea of ​​losing the optical drive.

Apple itself never reacts on rumors and prematurely announcing products also does not fit into Apple's strategy. At the earliest the new MacBook is expected until October, Apple has in recent years a regular press event held for the Mac in October.

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