Apple Engaged on A5X and A6X Processors


A file has been post through 9to5Mac in regards to the latest rumors concerning the Apple processor that wil be used on the upcoming iPad 3. Some says that the iPad 3 to feature dual core and some says the quad-core. In a iOS 5.1 beta code, refenrences showed both processors as S5L8950X.




The original iPad’s A4 chip was called S5L8930X, the iPad 2′s A5 chip was called the S5L8940X, and now this A5X chip is labeled as S5L8945X. Notice the jump of 10 in the labeling on the A4 to A5, and notice the jump of only 5 on the A5 to “A5X.” The 5 would note a half-way upgrade, something that an A5X chip with improved graphics, but still dual-core processing, would be likely referred to as.

The code references two new iOS device peocessors. It's unknown wether Apple will released two processors for the next generation iPad. It will be known at the Event Media while the two new rumored iPad 3 and Apple devices will be unveiled next Month.



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