Apple working on iMessage and AirPlay Mirroring for Mac OS X [Rumor]


In step with the most recent rumors, AirPlay mirroring and iMessage for Mac OS X is already caught in building.First signs iMessage were discovered a month ago in the iChat protocol of Lion and the rumors have spawned for the first time. 9to5Mac is now a person familiar with the matter have learned that Apple was working on an implementation of these two functions of iOS 5 for OS X Lion.Both applications will be scheduled for a future version of OS X Lion.


AirPlay Mirroring for the Mac will probably contain the same features, which are currently seeing in the new mobile operating system iOS fifthThe complete display of a Mac device is streaming it to an Apple TV via the in-house network.In combination with a projector, this could be a practical solution for presentations and to consider for personal use is a nice variation to its content on a connected HDTV.Furthermore, should also be implemented in the video streaming feature of AirPlay in QuickTime X.

IMessage also conceivable for the Mac, because first code snippet have been in the iChat application of OS X Lion found.According to various sources, but the decision should not be taken as to whether iMessage a standalone product or as an additional function is implemented by iChat.

FaceTime already fared similarly, because in the beginning was the only function on IOS devices available and was subsequently released as a beta version for the Mac.Meanwhile, FaceTime is an independent application, which is available on the Mac App Store.A similar reaction could also Apple are planning with the aforementioned functions.

The embedded video showed a possible concept of iMessage for OS X Lion:



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