Apple working on updating the iPhone more than once a year


iphone-5s-5c-heroApple plans to change its traditional scheme of renovating the iPhone, says Morgan Stanley analyst. The company claims that with the debut of two models of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c cycle release of new phones – one device per year – is no longer relevant.

Katy Huberty analyst from Morgan Stanley argues that divide the iPhone on two lines – this is a deliberate decision by the leadership Apple. The company is adapting its strategy to release new models to meet the demand for the device. According to Huberty , the new iPhone will debut at least two times a year. This conclusion analysts did after meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Morgan Stanley is not the only one who predicted acceleration cycle refresh iPhone. Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray said that in the first half of 2014 Apple will release a new model of the “low end ” of the communicator , and in September will present the iPhone 6, which will have a display size of 5-inch , and 1920×1080 pixels (440 ppi) resolution.

According to Morgan Stanley, Apple expects next year to realize the potential of a fingerprint scanner iPhone. Sensor capabilities will be expanded gradually evolve as other hardware and software technology hardware company. The iPhone will become a reliable e- wallet, mobile payments using a fingerprint sensor and a Bluetooth- module will be one of the functions of the next version of iOS 8 , analysts say.[Via MacRumors]

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