Although many augmented reality devices have not yet been released, there is no need to be a lynx to imagine that AR is the future. Cupertino has long been looking around this market, but Pokémon GO made them see how important it can become a simple game that allows us to see virtual animals over the real world. With this in mind and according to Robert Scoble, Apple is working with Carl Zeiss to launch the first AR glasses for Apple.

According to Scoble, a well-positioned blogger and surrounded by good sources, an employee of Carl Zeiss allegedly confirmed the company company for which he works with Apple in a conversation that took place at the Las Vegas CES last week. It was at that event when Scoble asked them why if Carl Zeis had an augmented reality section there they were not showing any AR product. He received no response, but the blogger believes that Cupertino pressed for it to be.

Exclusive news: Apple and Zeiss working together on augmented reality optics. […]

A Zeiss employee confirmed the rumors that Apple and Carl Zeiss AG are working on a light pair of augmented reality/mixed reality glasses that may be announced this year. (I thought it was next year but now that I saw this I believe it will happen this year).

Logically, at this time we can not know if what Scoble says will be fulfilled and we have to treat its information as a rumor more. What is certain is that there have been rumors that said that Apple was working on smart glasses that would connect to the iPhone to display images and all kinds of information.

If they finally do, this year or another, I am convinced that there will be a debate about who did what before in which Google can say that they were the first to launch smart glasses, but Apple, as always, will say that they worked successfully.



(Source: Robert Scoble [Facebook])

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