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In collaboration with Gemalto, Apple would work with a SIM card built into the iPhone itself. If such an option would facilitate the lives of users, it is not palatable to the operators, for whom it is a declaration of war somehow.With a virtual SIM card, it would be much easier to switch operators.

Gemalto have developed a platform that allows Apple to remotely manage its chip devices. It would offer the possibility to California's access to the type of plan selected and recorded communications of the subscriber. Apple could become a virtual operator can operate worldwide.

Following this outcry, Apple has decided to delay implementation of its offensive on the SIM card until at least 2012, "writes Les Echos, without citing sources.

Operators would put pressure on both Apple and Gemalto. The French company makes 50% of its revenue with them.

However, this is apparently only postponed it. The Cupertino company would be willing to seek other suppliers as Gemalto, if it yielded to pressure from its traditional customers.

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