Apple WWDC 2011 Keynote Summary


The Apple keynote, WWDC 2011, simply ended and a abstract is being  already bargains written about some main keys, these discovered on our devoted web page. What we obtained from Apple this yr?

We had an extraordinarily busy convention and packed Moscone Middle (5200 builders, tickets bought in two hours). As typical, we begin with a number of graphs, information on the agency on the apple basically. However primarily, a variety of new options, listed right here:


Mac OS X Lion is unveiled. It holds especially those 250 new features ("If you want, I mean all of them) including a few main ones, namely:

  • The multi-touch gestures on the iPhone reinvested, and a few others as a sweep to move between different applications
  • Full-screen applications and windows that are hidden if they are not active
  • Exposé and Spaces merged: Mission Control was born. Mac App Store is built
  • Summary : Find applications exactly as they were left (same document on a word processing software for example). Also works with the system itself: we find after a reboot all the windows and all documents in one place
  • Auto-save : Saving streaming of your documents, coupled with versions that can read different versions of that document. Similar to Time Machine
  • Airdrop : Exchanging documents easily on a LAN peer-to-peer
  • Mail : The application is reviewed, and much more like Mail iPad

That's the main thing. This Mac OS X Lion will cost only $ 29 (surprise) and can be installed on all machines allowed on the Mac App Store. Lion will be sold only on the Apple Mac shop.

Steve Jobs was first started by statistics: 200 million devices in iOS outstanding, 44% market share, 15 billion iTunes songs sold 130 million books downloaded. Not less than 1500 and 200 new API functions are new in this version of the major mobile operating system.

New notification system: almost no surprise, it all looks like the MobileNotifer Peter Hajas!The name of this system: Notifications Center . All notifications are centralized. They appear with the tweak: sort of rectangle at the top of the screen that does not interrupt the current activity, swipe a finger to make it disappear.

Twitter is now natively integrated in IOS, with the possibility for third-party applications to access account information. Simply enter your credentials once, and every application will benefit. The social network is also integrated into the film to share your shots with a simple tap. It is also possible with Safari, YouTube, Maps, and with the address book.

Safari is updated and now has the mode "Reader" , as in Mac Safari. The "Reading List" to store the items you want to read later. Another innovation more significantly, as the tabs on desktop versions of iCab or as in IOS and the integration of Twitter to tweet a page.

Newsstand is located in the App Store allows users to find and download his magazines directly on the mobile terminal. Among the Apple partners include Conde Nast, The Point, National Geographic, New York Times, Bloomberg, or the Miami Herald.

Camera : ability to take a photo directly from the screen locked. Using the Volume button to take a picture (another idea from the world of jailbreak => Activator and developers => Camera +). Edit the captured image (crop, red-eye tool, …).

Reminders lets you create your lists of things to do, to associate dates and places, and it does the rest. For example, you can have your iPhone to remind you to do something when you leave a place. The function also synchronizes with iCal via CalDAV and Exchange.

Mail : application reviewed and improved. Among others: management of flags, search the message body. IPad version opens the message box with a single gesture, which makes use of simple mail in portrait mode. It is also possible to encrypt messages with S / MIME, and emails containing a certificate will display an icon to let you know. It can also display a different keyboard more suited to typing with thumbs.

As for RIM and its BlackBerry Messenger, Apple will offer its own messaging system between users iOS 5. IMessage will operate between iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Acknowledgments are included, and push these messages are made ​​directly to the recipient via Wi-Fi and 3G.An indication of writing messages is the same in the game.

Other news:

  • Free PC : No need for a computer to activate the device, can be used out of the box.
  • Wireless Updates: New releases will be delta updates iOS: can not download more than changes in the new firmware
  • Game Center : Integrating photos, and ability to download games directly from there.
  • The applications themselves are becoming more autonomous : Mail can create mailboxes, Photos lets you edit photos, etc..
  • Music application review iPad .
  • The video section of the iPod application is now a separate application

Those are the main novelties. The iOS 5 is available now for developers, programmed output fall for others. No device is dropped.


icloud closed the keynote of the June 6, 2011. The strong man of Cupertino considers that there should no longer use his Mac as the center of sync with what we buy with all our equipment. That's where the cloud scene. His goal is simple: to automate the synchronization of all your registered devices. Thus, a purchase made on the iPhone is directly passed through to its icloud iTouch, the iPad, a Mac …

But no confusion: iCloud is the successor of MobileMe, the two services are different (though complementary for the moment). icloud happen this fall (so 2011) and MobileMe will cease to function June 30, 2012. Meanwhile, all skills will be transferred to MobileMe icloud in the fall 2011.D Until then, both services will therefore teams.


What will happen to services Gallery and iWeb? To oblivion? It's a safe bet that Apple will make a transfer of skills to MobileMe icloud gradually. It is hard to imagine these two services (Gallery and iWeb) stopped due to closure of MobileMe. A monitor anyway.

On the menu for this synchronization maddening, this is what will propose icloud:

  • The current functions of MobileMe is now free! 5 GB of storage for emails, documents and backups. Music, applications and books are not counted in the quota 5gb! Thus, an account is offered.
  • Backup : Backups performed every synchronization will now be made ​​once a day on the cloud. A new device? It registers and found all our content over again just from the cloud.
  • It is the same with iWork . Documents Pages, Numbers, Keynote are pushed onto all devices.
  • Apple provides APIs for developers to store with icloud
  • Photo Stream: Same logic applied to photos, they are also stored on the cloud! In detail the 1000 latest pictures are stored and deleted after 30 days.
  • iTunes : It will also be integrated into the cloud. The music you have not purchased on iTunes is also concerned (phew) . Match your iTunes music compare to the 18 million songs in the iTunes store, and make everything available. If it does not exist, it will upload it.
  • The video application is separated from the iPod as the iPod touch.


Everything is free! Apple hits a great shot! However , for an unlimited number of music, it will pay the $ 25 per year. We understand better what is the new data center with all new data will have Apple store! Yet if MobileMe proposed 20GB Online storage for $99 a year, icloud not offer "only" 5GB, but free … And now we come full circle in this conference! This keynote was long compared to the previous, but very rich in novelties. Thank you very much for having followed our company  on a dedicated page  (if applicable).  

Note qu'iCloud beta and Cloud Storage APIs are now available for developers. icloud will be available this fall for everyone, with iOS 5. iTunes In The Cloud is available today in the U.S. and requires 10.3 and iTunes 4.3.3 iOS. The automatic download of applications and books is available now.

Apple can even be notified of the availability of this new service .

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