In less than a month, Apple Watch will finally be available for sale. From the cheapest to the most expensive, customers can expect to receive the warranty extension with the AppleCare +. But Apple has never talked about this before or even during the final keynote. Yet MacRumors claims to have had rates of AppleCare +. There would indeed different prices depending on the Apple Watch.

According to sources, Apple Watch Sport would be entitled to an AppleCare + plan from 59 €, for the steel Watch Apple release the plan would cost $79. And the final price would rise to $999 for Apple Watch Edition version that costs no less than $ 11,000 to $18,000 depending on the finish.

Customers would then have the choice of ordering AppleCare + together with their purchase of the Apple Watch, or from Apple’s website or in store, as seen in these two images.

sport steel

AppleCare + cover accidental damage (charge per incident) and add an additional year of warranty – namely 2 years (1 + 1 year) for Apple Watch Sports and Apple Watch steel, while the Edition would be entitled to three years in total through these two years starting guarantees.


For now, it is not certain that these tariffs are definitive or even whether the information will be confirmed, as MacRumors says. From our side, we tend to believe these extended warranties, especially as the site good contacts at Apple.

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