Apple’s 12 Days of Christmas iTunes Gift Promotion


Apple launched its 12 days of Christmas present advertising for European nations ans Canada. A free content material giveaway is given right through this promoting. The 12 Days of Christmas will run from December twenty sixth to January sixth.


You and your friends can download a fantastic selection of songs, music videos, apps and books for free. Each download will only be available for 24 hours. Get our special 12 Days of Christmas app to make it even easier to access your gifts while you’re on the go.

Apple will offer several gifts to its customers during a period of time . This time is counted in 12 days, neither more nor less. During these 12 days – from Dec. 26 to Jan. 6 – Apple will daily free content, usually paid. Music, game, music video, film, a short concentrated sample at this time of year-end. THe free content can be downloaded within 24 hours.

If we stick to the offers of last year, more or less all classes were at the rendezvous. Note that it happens that Apple offers different gifts according to region (a video proposed in the United States while a music will be provided in the Hexagon). But of course, Apple does not disclose its list of different offers.

 Download 12 Days of Christmas [itunes link]

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