Apple’s 2019 Spring Event Date Revealed


A few minutes ago, we wrote about the rumored date for WWDC 2019 Keynote that would take place between June 3 and 7.

According to Buzzfeed just published on its website, Apple would have planned an event for March 25, but contrary to what it might seem, would be an event specifically reserved for its new news subscription service, without presenting the new AirPods 2 or the supposed iPad mini 5.

The fact that Apple is getting ready to launch a subscription service with its News application is no secret at this point. With this Netflix-like subscription type, we would have access to the main news publications list and current magazines, all accessible from the iOS application.

The latest rumors mentioned that the company might be having issues in terms of revenue distribution with the publications since Apple would want to keep 50% of the quota and distribute the remaining 50% with the different publications based on the visualizations.

It seems that this new service would be the one that would focus the event, and Buzzfeed sees very unlikely that the iPad mini or the new AirPods 2 had room in it. Last year Apple held a Keynote dedicated to the education sector at this time and took the opportunity to present the iPad 2018 and a new pencil compatible with this low-cost iPad, especially for schools use.

(Source: BuzzFeed News)

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