Apple’s 2020 iPhone lineup revealed


According to various reports, the first thing that will differentiate the 2020 iPhone line up will be 5G access and the most anticipated feature will be that the iPhone 12 will come without a notch, will add a Touch ID on the screen and possibly two new sizes, on top of having a new LG display, Korean website, The Elec.

so far, it is still too early to take it for granted so quickly, however, there are already many leaks giving their first clue, at least there is consensus that what will be seen of the iPhones will be totally different in terms of design.

It has been reported that Apple may present two new sizes for two of the three iPhone 12, one of them, the smallest would stay in 5.4 inches and another in 6.7 inches, which could have a design similar to the iPhone 4 with a band of metal abroad and it is important to note that a survey suggests that fewer iPhone buyers upgraded to iPhone 11 last year.

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