Apple’s A6 chip shows 1GB of 1066MHz RAM


All through the iPhone 5 keynote, Apple didn’t truly go in small print in regards to the specs of the A6 processor built-in on the brand new handset. There have been quite a few spectacular outcomes that had been got with the brand new A6 Chip, however the velocity and RAM obtained in reality nothing. Anandtech has discovered some fascinating details about the iPhone 5.

The iPhone four and 4S instance had 512 MB of RAM and Samsung Galaxy S3 has 1 GB. LG Optimus S with a tool on arrival that the brand new excessive-finish usual 2GB will.Apple has the A6 designed and primarily based by itself ARM CPU and no longer as an instance the Cortex A15. The rate of 1066 Mhz may just subsequently once in a while be in moderation chosen, and the premiere pace that’s wanted for a just right person expertise.



According to the tradition, Apple will never disclose the technical details of its processors: clock speed, memory capacity, process technology generation architecture. This does not neglect to detail. It is the policy of the company: take what is, and you know the details are not necessary. While the products are on the rise – it works (although on the smartphone is already noticeable slowdown). But later, when the company will face significant losses in demand, she may switch to a low-brow manipulation of technical terms. But so far, for example, to find out what this new processor Apple A6 chip, has to make a positive opening processors or search for some parts in the marking of new products.

We noted immediately before the opening of the supply iPhone 5 will not (and it will be necessary – it is an interesting topic for many manufacturers). At the moment the site AnandTech analysis marking A6 processor and wrote a long article about the possible micro-processor for the new iPhone 5.

Apple at the launch of new products did not clobber marking A6, which looks like this: “K3PE7E700F-XGC2”. From the database manufacturer – Samsung – source learned the following information. In multi-chip package included a new A6 SoC and 1GB dual channel LPDDR2-1066 of two 512-MB crystals (the presence of two crystals indicates the portion of memory in the form of labeling “E7E7”, but on the type of memory – “K3P”). If the source is not wrong, we can talk about the growth of the memory bandwidth to the processor A6 at 33%, compared with an A5 processor.


As for the architecture of the new SoC-design Apple, then there is clear conclusions based on the analysis of program code (instructions ARM) and the comparison of energy consumption of processors two generations previous and current. In short, the architecture A6 chip can not belong to a generation Cortex-A9, as it is unlikely she belongs to a generation Cortex-A15. There is a high probability and the probability is partly based on unofficial leaks that A6  processor  is a unique development of Apple, created with an eye to the possibility of Cortex-A15, but do not use the architectural design (core) ARM. Simply put, the A6 chip, Apple licensed the instructions ARM, but not architecture. Now we await the opening A6. It tells scale process technology and refine the layout of the assembly.[via Anandtech]

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