Apple’s Craig Federighi On FBI Demands



Craig Federighi also has their own opinion within Apple, why he has not lost the opportunity to write an opinion piece in The Washington Post which argued the string of reasons why Apple is objecting strongly to this request by the FBI to create backdoors on iOS devices iPhone 5c prior release that was used by the suspected terrorist involved in the bombings of San Bernardino. It seems that we will not have week that we do not meet two or three fully inflammatory statements between the parties involved.

Federighi opinion given to The Washington Post:

Security is an endless race—one that you can lead but never decisively win. Yesterday’s best defenses cannot fend off the attacks of today or tomorrow.

Software innovations of the future will depend on the foundation of strong device security. We cannot afford to fall behind those who would exploit technology in order to cause chaos. To slow our pace, or reverse our progress, puts everyone at risk.

Craig Federighi admits that continue the battle for privacy, taking steps forward, but never steps back. Apple changed its encryption strategy with the arrival of iOS 8 promising privacy and offers no other mobile device on the market. Meanwhile, we continue to expect final decisions on this subject, but take this opportunity to warn everyone that not only the privacy of users in the United States is in danger if the FBI just getting its claws into the IOS software, but in all of us iOS users in general.(Source: The Washington Post)

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