Apple’s Eddy Cue on FBI iPhone encryption



Eddy Cue, senior Internet software and services, Apple vice president, expressed his fear that the Government of the United States forces your company to add secret surveillance technology on their devices if they win they currently have open with the Cupertino company and ask where to unlock the iPhone 5c of one of the snipers from San Bernardino. Cue made his remarks in an interview with US television network Univision Spanish-speaking.

In the interview, Eddy Cue again repeated what his company has been saying in recent weeks, but more disturbing details mentioned with particular emphasis on the risk of precedent that would create this step. Cue said the precedent exist, but could not stay only in having to unlock more and more devices in the future, but it could ask them to create a back door that would allow them to have full control of our devices.

Moreover, Cue says the FBI is uncool compared with other government agencies and mentions the Secretary of Defense NSA, Ashton Carter, who wants the encryption continue becoming more and more confident because he knows that if we create some way to go, criminals and terrorists enter. He also said that we should not see this case as Apple against the US government, but as an example of Apple’s attempts to maintain public security against criminals and other dangerous agents.

Clearly, all that says Eddy Cue, more worrying is something we have already discussed: that someone can gain full control of our device. One of the reasons not to jailbreak (and eye, this is not a criticism) is just difficult for a malicious user to gain total control of our device. If someone has the key to enter this way our iPhone or any other device, it is not unreasonable that can access the camera or microphone and know what to do at all times. Sure you know someone who cover the chambers of their computers for fear of being spied upon, right? Then we would have to do the same in our smartphone. They can also access the GPS and know where we are.

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