Apple’s financial results for Q1 2016: lower income, more benefits


tim-cook-ipad-pro-16-9Apple sold 74.8 million iPhones, 16.1 million iPads and 5.3 million Macs in the first quarter of 2016.

After a fall of shares during the last twelve months that would make Google momentarily became the company with the highest market traded. Although the consensus of analysts forecast an increase in share value by 40% within 12 months. Again, although this time the data have not been as positive as in other quarters, the company remains impeccable results presented that despite the fall in revenues, the recovery has generated higher profit margins.

The first quarter of fiscal 2016, which takes into account operations of Apple during the months of October, November and December 2015, and while analysts expected a decline in sales of 4% compared with the 74,000 million dollars brought a year ago. Apple announced last quarter to investors who expected profit of between 75,500 and 77,500 million, actual results have been 75.9 billion dollars with a quarterly net profit of 18,400 million, equivalent to $3.28 per diluted share.

Our team delivered Apple’s biggest quarter ever, thanks to the world’s most innovative products and all-time record sales of iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “The growth of our Services business accelerated during the quarter to produce record results, and our installed base recently crossed a major milestone of one billion active devices.”

In all, the company returns to break records with sales of 74.8 million iPhones, and an increase for the division of about 1000 million, but yes, not all numbers are impressive in this exercise since sales compared with the same period last year:

  • Revenues 75.9 billion versus 74.6 billion
  • iPhones sold: 74.8 million versus 74.5 million
  • iPads sold: 16.1 million compared to 21.4 million
  • Macs sold: 5.3 million versus 5.5 million

Along with the data from this quarter, Apple has made the following estimates for the second quarter of 2016.

  • Incomes between 50,000 and 53,000 million dollars
  • Gross margin between 39 percent and 39.5 percent
  • Operating expenses between 6,000 and 6,100 million dollars
  • Other income / (expense) 325 000 000
  • Tax rate of 25.5 percent

With regard to its shareholders, the company has announced the payment of a dividend of $0.52 per share, for the ordinary shares of the company, which will be paid on February 11, 2016 to list the close of business on February 8, 2016.

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