Apple’s iOS Still Dominates Mobile Web Browsing Usage


Apple's iOS Still Dominates Mobile Web Browsing Usage

A report by the ad network Chitika shows that users of Apple‘s mobile operating system iOS more often the web site through the browser than Android users. The trend has not changed in the past six months, despite a number of new Android tablets and smartphones announced. While Apple iPad 4, iPad Mini and of course the iPhone 5 released, appeared for Android Kindle Fire HD, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Galaxy SIII, but it was iOS that consumed twice as much data compared with Android.

Chitika compare the number of ad impressions of iOS and Android hardware, and it appeared that iOS had a browser share of 67 percent in November, an increase of 2 percent since May of this year. Android does a lot less and has a share of 33 percent. The two systems were closest to each other by the end of August, when the Samsung Galaxy SIII appeared in the United States and also sold very well, but this is the time for the launch of the iPhone 5 in September.


The enormous benefit for iOS, in accordance Chitika and different sources, that the iPad is still dominant and an excellent benefit is accountable for the cell Net site visitors. Within the container of sensible telephones, the share nearer collectively, most effective Apple continues to be ready for the primary competitor of the iPad’s market share is also shrinking.

In step with Chitika cellular customers stay very loyal to the OS that they already possess: within the remaining six months appear customers stay loyal to the running machine that they be aware of, it doesn’t matter what hardware has modified essentially the most.

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