Apple is considering adding at least one USB 3.0 port and support for keyboard and mouse to the iPad Pro strikes me as something unlikely to become reality tomorrow.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the iPad Pro in which Apple is working could include USB 3.0 ports and what strikes me even more attention, support for adding external peripherals such as keyboards or mice. A mouse for a touch interface like iOS? Sounds weird, unless the iPad Pro goes beyond being a simple iPad with larger screen.

The source of the rumor also mentions that this iPad Pro could integrate a new technology for faster loading, something that seems necessary considering that increasing the size of your screen, so will the battery.

Do they sound good these rumors? Better than that, they sound great. The arrival of USB 3.0 ports and compatibility with external peripherals can only mean an increase in productivity and therefore in the final system functions. ¿Multitasking real? ¿Split Screen? I Hybrid between iPad and MacBook Air?

Too many questions and too many unknowns. Clearly, something great will come to the iPad family, especially now that the Surface Pro 3 has seized the post of best tablet at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Hopefully, all these rumors are true in one way or another, the iPhone will always benefited from these developments.

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