During the keynote, Apple unveiled its new “iPhone Upgrade Program” which involves selling iPhone as a subscription. This means of payment and allows US residents to afford an iPhone easily without leaving the full amount at once.

With iPhone Upgrade Program, the subscriber agrees to 24 months and pays $32 / month to have in this example a 16GB iPhone 6s + cellular (choice) + AppleCare +. After the past 24 months, the iPhone comes down to $777, slightly more expensive than mobile bare offered $649, says 9to5Mac,  and adds that it also makes returns more expensive than proposed by US operators.

If you renew your ccontract, you will have the opportunity to have the new iPhone next year – without the monthly cost change – in the event that it does not change version of storage.

Apple offers through this program a great way to keep its customers all the time of their subscription, and also ensures a customer for future iPhone. Although she does not need it to sell, it offers a means of payment that will ease the expenditure in people with small budgets.

For now, the iPhone Upgrade Program is only offered in the United States, no one knows yet whether the California firm intends to deploy it in other countries.

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