Apple’s Lala music Bring iTunes to the Web



Online video could be ready

Apple may be a pioneering company, but part of Cupertino’s overall strategy is to move into an established market and revolutionize it. That’s what the company did with the iPod and the iPhone, and online video could be ready for this kind of move.

Apple is considering using this model for iTunes. That would mean customers could make purchases without needing to download a software application. Record companies wouldn’t discuss the possibility publicly but the WSJ says they are optimistic about online purchases but concerned about Apple becoming more powerful in the industry.

Lala executives are apparently being given important roles in shaping the future of iTunes. “It’s our understanding that the Lala guys are going to be in very significant roles,” says one person who has been briefed on Apple’s plans.

Amazon already offers a cloud-based retail store that allows you to store and stream television episodes and movies right from your browser. A new movie streaming service called EPIX recently launched, and looks like an exciting addition to online video. Netflix has been making some inroads with its streaming service and the Roku set-top box.


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