Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adapter incorporates small AirPlay laptop



Apple’s new Digital AV Adapter Lightning may seem quite expensive, but that is apparently not without reason:  when Panic  torn the cable apart , they discovered that a small computer inside the video to a HDMI signal to convert. This computer uses an ARM processor and has 256MB of RAM. The cable is also limited to a resolution of 1600 by 900, so it is not possible to 1080p video.

Panic speculates that the Lightning Digital AV Adapter is actually a small AirPlay receiver, you both your iDevice and an HDMI port. This site will also be seen in the output of the video: in some situations would be hitches in the video down and there is crap in the video, something that used by the MPEG video is caused. The old Digital Adapter AD here would not be affected.

The Lightning Digital AV Adapter lets you connect the iPhone to an HDMI-poor, so for example you can show a presentation on an HD TV. Apple’s Lightning to VGA Adapter is bought because the Digital AV Adapter bought for forty nine euros. We due to this fact suspect that this cable may just include the identical parts.

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