Apple’s new iPods commercial “Bounce”



During the announcement of the iPhone 5 and the new iPods was’ he equally be seen: a commercial game with bouncing iPods. Now the spotlight is also on the TV networks to admire. The new iPods are now to be ordered, but only the iPod shuffles are currently already in stock at the Apple Store.The iPod touch 5G and nano despatched all through October:

  • iPod contact: from $299 (32GB/64GB)
  • iPod nano: $199 (16GB storage)
  • iPod shuffle: $fifty nine (2GB storage)

Soar is likely one of the liveliest spots that Apple has launched. To the tune of ‘Yeah Yeah’ with the aid of Willy Moon flying the coloured iPods throughout the picture, trade shade and in the end cut up into iPod nanos and iPod shuffles then. All colours are proven.

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