Apple’s plan for 12 different configurations in 2 colors ‘iPad Mini’ models part numbers reveal



Apple’s expected on  October 23, a press event “in which twelve new configured iPad Mini models will be shown in two colors “. Apple plans to launch an 8GB model as an entry-level model for the” low priced” (7.85 – inch) display screen with resolution of 1024×768 . The Company is ensuring that the new iPad mini will be well compatible with the library of iPad apps. The four different configured products with three distinctions: (Good, Better & Best) which could be a sign of WiFi only, 3G & 4G LTE models, or each model is also offered in “A” & “B” variants, which probable identify color options of black & white. At present, the full-sized iPad model does not come with a storage space capacity lower than 16GB, yet the proper specification of iPad Mini is still not opened .

The company is expected to formally make an announce on October 23′ event, but we can guess a front & rear facing camera, Lightning dock connector, a lighter gadget compared to the heavily built 653.172 grams New iPad. The power battery capacity for the iPad Mini is purportedly 16.7 watt hours.

There is little hesitation that Apple is expected to have another great success with the iPad Mini, as its shoppers are an extraordinarily dependable bunch.


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