Apple’s Q4 2018: $62.9B in Revenue, 46.9M iPhones, 9.7M iPads Sold


Apple made public its financial results of the last fiscal Q4 )(2018, which runs from July to September. Again, the company has broken records of being the best quarter in its history in terms of results. However, investors do not seem to be satisfied with that, and the company’s stock falls fell, which is something usual.

The company acquired in revenue more than $62M, 46.9M iPhones units sold, 9.7 million iPads units and 5.3 million Mac, to which we must add the income for its Services sector, marking an absolute record with more than $10 billion. The full numbers breakdown below.

It is one of the data that has least convinced investors, although they have exceeded the figures that Apple itself estimated. The iPhone has been sold in this quarter better than in the same period of the previous year. A total of 46.9M iPhones sold between the months of July and September, which also means that only the first two weeks of sales of the iPhone XS and XS Max have been counted, and nothing of the XR. The previous year, 46.7M iPhones were sold. The market is already very mature and the figures have reached what seems to be difficult to reach.

Looking at the sales of Mac, the figures are practically identical to those of the previous year (5.3M against 5.4M), and that practically identical to those of recent years. Macs are maintained year after year, without surprises, which is good in a down market. The iPad fell slightly but remained flat compared to the last years.

However, these sales figures do not translate into income. Apple earned this year $10.3 billion more than the same quarter of the previous year, which is impressive. With $62,900 million entered, Apple has again broken the quarterly record, this Q4 2018 being the best Q4 in its history. This is because the revenue per device has increased in all cases except the iPad, and in the case of the iPhone has also reached an amazing figure in just one year: With virtually the same number of units sold, Apple has entered a 20% more than the same quarter of the previous year. That is, Apple sells the same but earns more with each unit sold, so it enters more.

The Services sector grows again, breaking all records again, and reaches the $10M. Services already occupy the second place in revenue, only behind the iPhone.

Apple already does this with some of its products, such as Apple Watch or HomePod, of which we only know very ambiguous data on sales. It seems that these unpredictable reactions from investors along with the fact that no other Apple rival would have provoked this reaction.

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