Apple’s share of tablets market declined


ihelplounge-tabletsAnalyst firm IDC followed by the balance of power in the market of mobile phones and smartphones has published similar data for tablets. Cases from Apple here are not an example worse than a year or two ago. Moreover, even the authoritative agency JD Power has deprived tablet apple company of the championship in its ranking of user satisfaction.

In the third quarter of 2013, Apple was able to deliver 14.1 million tablets. This is still the largest number of competitors, but the unconditional leadership of speech is no longer going. Compared to the same period last year, shipments increased by only 100,000 units, while its market share was 29.6%, an increase of 0.6%. Samsung, located on the second place, during the same period increased deliveries by 123%. Asus third – 53.9%, and Lenovo and Acer have managed to increase the supply in the last 12 months on the 420.7% and 346.3%, respectively.


The share of Samsung in the tablet market rose to 20.4%, which is based on a unit of production is 9.7 million tablets. Following the Korean company behind much stronger rivals. Total third-quarter shipped 47.6 million tablets, which is 36.7% more than a year ago. With regard to Apple, the first iPad Air successes looks pretty optimistic, and completes the attack on the competitors in the form of iPad mini with a Retina display should finally begin to regain lost market share. The first results can be seen already in the fourth quarter of this year.  

Like IDC, JD Power Rankings after the updated data and smartphones for tablets. The best in the opinion of users surveyed were named tablets Samsung. They scored the most total points in all five criteria considered. Apple lost the lead and fell to second place. Device companies still are the easiest to learn and further work, and are not inferior to the competition in performance. In this case, the lag Apple Samsung’s was only 2 points: 833 vs. 835. In third place comes the Amazon with 826 points.


Eventually, we notice the factors during which to guage the JD Energy Plates. They’re, as talked about above, a complete of 5: the efficiency, ease of use, design, options and value.

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