Apple’s third-largest smartphone manufacturer in 2011


Consistent with a research agency IDC , Apple is the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.Only Nokia and Samsung would still be above the iPhone manufacturer. The figures are based on the total number of phones shipped throughout 2011.Apple grew the most, according to the percentage figures for all companies in the top five, and is now six percent of the phone market (smart phones and simple phones, so together).



Apple's position in the list is impressive, especially considering that the iPhone 4S until October 2011 on the market. In previous years, Apple iPhone in the summer, making the whole second half of the year could benefit from the sales of a new device. According to IDC, sixty percent of phones sold are still a feature phone (basic phone).


Although sales of Apple with 96.2 percent compared to last year have grown, Nokia and Samsung will not quickly be overtaken Apple has six percent of the market held, while Samsung and Nokia through the massive amount of cheap phone calls that they sales respectively 21.3 and 27 percent in their hands.


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