Apple’s WWDC 2016 Event To Possibly Take Place June 13 to 17


WWDC-2016Every year in May, Google held its developer conference and this year, it will take place between May 18-May 20. A couple of weeks later, it is the turn to the Cupertino, and in June celebrates its developer conference, is being well at least since 2007.

Since then, Apple used the Moscone West hall of the Moscone Center to hold these conferences, due to the great capacity of the auditorium, which brings together a large number of developers and specialized media.

If we go by the website of the Moscone Center, we can see that the only dates available for Apple celebrates the developer conference this year is between June 13 to June 17, dates in which there are no reservations in the Moscone West. How can we see on the agenda, the week of 6 to week 9 is reserved for a conference on biotechnology, later a convention on stem cells it will take place and end the month with a summit on Red Hat, all at Moscone West.

Unless Apple thought about changing the developer conference event presentation, the only option is to select dates between 13 and 17 June. It seems that this time the guys from Cupertino have found it late to book the room for the conference either have bespoken a while and not officially reserved for not giving clues about the possible date of this conference for developers this year, where new versions were presented iOS and OS X, along with maybe something new again.(Via: MacRumors)

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